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“HALO! Sir or Ma’am, Feolaga!”



Welcome! Through the narrow gate of the crossover portal, the path to an improved society.


To your Exclusive Private Community Clubhouse.

  “HALO! Working Together will prevent corruption, greed & violence” By uniting our thoughts, knowledge & expertise together as a nationwide community.” Greetings! Ladies and Gentlemen, Feolaga! Guardians, Welcome to the exclusive private community clubhouse, accessed through the narrow gate of the crossover portal—a path leading to a better society. “Halo! Working together to bypass corruption, greed, and violence.” By uniting our thoughts, knowledge, and expertise as a nationwide community, we keep our eyes and ears wide open, ever vigilant for future pitfalls. We share our knowledge and learn collectively through the club’s community education program. We support each other with ongoing assistance and embrace continuous education to enhance society and our lives with love and prosperity. We extend this warm welcome to all, with the full support and guidance of the Global Council—a direction crafted by the community as part of our ongoing education. This marks the beginning of a new and heavenly future. Welcome to the journey through the narrow gate, where you’ll find safety within the embrace of your legal representative social club, the Savia Private Worldwide Educating Community Clubhouse. Together, we have the power to save the world and nurture better-educated environments with a deep sense of humanity, love, and respect. We are building a halo community dedicated to protection and well-documented progress. We bypass narcissism by legally dismantling corruption, bureaucracy, and corruptive red tape, ensuring the voice of the people prevails—the voice of people from all corners of the world. Our private democracy champions a fairer system, fighting against corruption, pollution, and greed. We are in the process of creating an exciting global private council for both nature and humanity. Nature stands as a symbol of our community’s health as we coexist in the way nature intended. Through our collective efforts, we write out, sweep aside, bypass, and disregard corruption, all thanks to the dedication and ingenuity of MJ, the visionary designer, inventor, and founder of this remarkable technology.
  • Kindly take a moment to view this video in its entirety. The content delves into the Illuminati, providing essential insights to empower you against corruption and unwitting adherence to Satanist ideologies. It unveils the subtle influences that may lead you astray without your awareness, emphasizing the importance of arming yourself with the knowledge to counteract their deceptive practices.
The Illuminati, shrouded in secrecy, won’t disclose the truth, and it’s crucial not to be misled. In the spirit of comfort and joy, unite with the knowledge that we are on a path of enlightenment. MJ serves as the beacon, guiding us from the steam age into the atomic age, replacing the corrupt elite monopoly rooted in satanic worship. As followers of Jesus Christ, we embrace a future where technology propels us to higher realms, serving as the portal for ascension. Explore the conscience atom and the secrets of eternal life on this website, as we work together with free will to provide new technology that harmonizes humanity with nature, restoring the planet to its original design. desire liberation love and honesty on this festive Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to you all. Best regards, MJ
  • Witness the authentic significance of these logos in the video. It unveils the satanic worship dedicated to their god, acknowledged by them as Satan. Allowing them to guide us would result in significant losses for the people. The world could potentially devolve into a state of subservience, with 15-minute cities, pervasive control, and rampant corruption. Digital ID, in such a scenario, becomes a tool for malevolent purposes and control. Put an end to this malevolence by disseminating this crucial information. Share the knowledge with others who need to awaken to the corruption transpiring around us. It is our collective responsibility to halt this encroaching evil.

Once again, welcome, and thank you for joining us on this transformative journey to stop the monopoly.

Sincerely, MJ

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