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Welcome to Dailyplanet.Club: A Revolutionary Cooperative Against Corruption and Bureaucracy


Welcome to Dailyplanet.Club, a cooperative alliance uniting forward-thinking businesses and individuals. We are stewards of a wealth of knowledge that has long been entangled in bureaucratic intricacies. Our mission is both simple and profound: to eradicate the systemic bureaucracy and exploitation perpetuated by a 4% corruption rate. Our far-reaching vision is to build a world free from corruption, thereby alleviating pollution and its resultant diseases. Achieving this would dramatically improve human and environmental health by an unprecedented 100%.

Areas of Focus

Climate Funds

We champion financial mechanisms aimed at aiding developing countries in transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Global Agreements

Our focus extends to cultivating international treaties dedicated to reducing emissions and facilitating the sharing of renewable technologies.

Our Commitment and Aspirations

Our dedication to environmental sustainability and human welfare is manifested in our revitalization of Savia technology. We seek to redefine corporate practices, enhance business structures, and introduce cutting-edge technologies, all while liberating them from the yoke of entrenched corruption.

Membership Benefits

Our club offers an exclusive, symbiotic network of businesses and individuals. Members are privy to confidential knowledge and perspectives, safeguarded by intellectual property laws and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). We treat our members like extended family, furnishing them with robust corporate-level support, underpinned by solid business infrastructure and legal expertise, with the ultimate goal of ensuring your financial security and overall well-being.

Our Roadmap

With a strong foundation in knowledge, data, and infrastructure, we are well-positioned to support you in a rapidly changing world governed by democratic values and global wisdom. Our groundbreaking endeavors are bolstered by innovative technologies, currently awaiting crowdfunding support from individuals who share our vision for a life free from restrictive urban designs, intrusive surveillance, and systemic corruption.

Bypass Technology: A Catalyst for Human Evolution

Bypass technology is more than a technological upgrade; it’s a paradigm shift designed to be scalable, efficient, and transparent. This innovation promises to disrupt and render obsolete older, corruption-laden systems.


As you embark on this transformative journey with us, I, MJ, the founder of this unique community, warmly invite you to join our movement aimed at creating a brighter, more transparent, and honest future. Dailyplanet.Club is not just a club; it’s a revolutionary force committed to eradicating corruption, the root cause of pollution and its associated health issues, and propelling humanity toward untapped technological frontiers.

Together, we will break down barriers, eliminate corruption, and unveil the potential for a cleaner, healthier planet. Stay engaged for exclusive insights and conversations with our esteemed private members. Until our next update, remain committed to your unceasing quest for a better world!

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Allied Guardian-: Weekly membership £10.70 now and then £1.70 per Week. Subscribe
Allied Guardian-: monthly membership £16.40 now and then £6.45 per Month. Subscribe
Allied Guardian-: annual membership £90.72 now and then £83.72 per Year. Subscribe
The Alliance Donation Portal. £100.00 now. Subscribe

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  • MJ

    We have found a legal loophole. The government regulates the public domain, but we can safeguard the private domain with truth and innovation by offering our services to you. We will tell you the truth about what free speech and democracy mean for the people and the planet. Learn more as a member.

    It’s easy to know your rights. This is the place where you can share your ideas with others who want to make a positive difference. You can even promote your private business and provide private services to the club members. Private is a grey area between public and private. The government is public, but it hides the truth about the private sector. It lets the public sector infiltrate the private sector without informing you of your rights. But here at Dailyplanet.Club, we will give you the information you need to stay safe. We will also entertain you and support you in your personal life, like a family would. We care about your interests and our common goal of protecting the planet and its inhabitants.

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