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Hello and welcome!

Discover how you can make a difference and be part of a community that strives for your well-being.

Join IPA.Earth, where we harness the power of collective knowledge and utilize technology to drive positive change.

The implications of this advancement are profound, as it brings remarkable environmental and economic benefits to the table.

New transport technology revolutionizes electricity generation by offering the technology as a valuable by-product while reducing pollution.

By joining the club, you gain access to this innovative technology, benefiting from a power supply vehicle and home/business adaptations that optimize energy production.

Embrace sustainability, contribute to a cleaner future, and enjoy the convenience of EV transportation with unlimited range and no charging or refuelling needs, all while reducing costs.

Take control of your energy production and consumption and create a brighter future for generations to come.

Today, membership is an investment in your future.

Membership also supports the building of a factory for production, which contributes to slashing the cost of living and reducing inflation.

This, in a way, gives your family a wage rise by decreasing utility bills under the membership.

Our exclusive content on technology, protected by an NDA, empowers you to contribute to health and sustainable progress through new transportation and the harmonious integration of power supply with nature.

By joining IPA.Earth, you become part of an interconnected community focused on driving positive change with truth and honour with integrity.

How do you know enough is enough.

Escape government frustrations and embrace better governance. Utilize collective knowledge and technology to exercise your legal rights for positive change. Together, we can form a new government through a referendum, coordinate communication without demonstrations, and shape a transparent and accountable society.

IPA.Earth offers transformative technology that enables you to make a difference. It allows you to shape a future of true democracy and a healthier environment.

By investing in your future with IPA.Earth, you become part of a movement that fosters sustainable living with a deep connection to nature and humanity.

We coordinate collective communication locally and internationally, creating a network of empowered individuals working towards a common goal within the protection of the private club.

Our platform provides a source of truthful knowledge and a means of empowerment, higher education, and development, giving you the tools to act with support.

We believe in the power of Guardians an Independent, International, Private, And Global Alliance age.

Remember, real-world actions and initiatives are key to achieving meaningful change.

Engage in conversations, support organizations working for justice and transparency, and actively participate in efforts to combat corruption.

Your input and private membership with IPA.Earth will support these endeavours.

Please be patient as good things come to those who wait.

We will keep you informed about the development of the factory and the improvement of the website and technologies.

We have many years of background and research development completed.

Invest in your future by joining the club.

IPA.Earth is not just about entertainment; it is a powerful tool for health, knowledge, empowerment, preventing further inflation, and regenerating electricity through EV transport technology combining integrated technologies providing all-around support with the club.

With access to exclusive technology, including collective knowledge and longevity of health and life, you cannot shape a better future without us for yourself and future generations.

Go further and click the link and find out more. Be the first to know. As you become an Allied Guardian of the Earth (AGE), it’s as simple as that.

Spread the word share this message and this link.

Thank you for your interest and support!



Level Price  
Allied Guardian-: Weekly membership £5.70 now and then £1.50 per Week. Select
Allied Guardian-: monthly membership £6.30 now and then £6.44 per Month. Select
Allied Guardian-: annual membership £83.72 per Year. Select
The Alliance Donation Portal. £100.00 now. Select

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